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Do you have Modic changes?

If your response is YES to three or more of these questions, it is possible that you have Modic changes in your spine. We advise you to contact a Certified MAST doctor or therapist who will provide you with the proper treatment

1. Do you have pain in your lower back during the night?

2. Does the pain in you lower back wake you up when you turn over in bed?

3. Is the pain worse in the morning, better at noon and worse again in the afternoon and evening?

4. Does it feel as though your pain is located deep in your spine?

5. Does the pain sometimes radiate down to one or both of your legs?

6. When doing physical activity or exercising, does your back pain get worse or at best remain unchanged?

7. Have you ever had an X-ray that shows you have some spinal disc degeneration?

8. Do you suffer back pain constantly or for most of the day? Even if the intensity varies so that at some point it is relatively low, do you still find it difficult to ignore the pain?

9. Have you tried a variety of treatments that normally help back pain but they didn’t work for you?

Remember that a secure diagnosis must include a thorogh case history, a physcial examination and an MRI scan. Only your treating doctor can make this determination.

Lastly, you should consider having your MRI scans reviewed either by your treating physician and/or radiologist to see if they are able to identify Modic changes on your scans.


We can interpret your MRIs

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